Bill Clinton's Visit to Northern Ireland

About the resource
On the 30th of November 1995, President Clinton visited Northern Ireland. The aim of this trip was to encourage the peace process. He brought along his National Security Adviser, Anthony Lake, who had played a key role in the process, and also his wife Hillary Clinton. Clinton travelled all over Northern Ireland taking time to stop and talk to local people along the way. He visited the Shankill and Falls Road, stopping at local shops to buy fruit and baked goods. Crowds were keen to see him and lined the streets in both Belfast and Derry/Londonderry. During a speech at Mackie’s factory in Belfast, Clinton made a heartfelt plea for peace and paid tribute to those working towards a settlement including John Major and John Bruton. He also singled out Gerry Adams, David Ervine and Gary McMichael, noting their efforts to end the conflict.
About the project
This education resource was created as part of the Linen Hall Library’s ‘Divided Society’ project. It is a learning tool aimed at GCSE students studying the 1990s period, however those studying politics and history subjects will also find its material relevant. Included in the resource are samples of political cartoons, newspaper front pages and political posters. Materials are held at the Linen Hall Library.