Downing Street Declaration

About the resource
The Downing Street Declaration was an agreement between the UK and Ireland on a peaceful way forward for Northern Ireland. It enshrined the principle of consent which meant only the people of Northern Ireland could determine its constitutional future. It was signed by the then British Prime Minister John Major and the Irish Taoiseach Albert Reynolds on the 15th of December 1993. The moment was described as a day of hope for a peaceful future, though it did not bring an immediate end to the violence. The document is seen as part of the development towards the Good Friday Agreement.
About the project
This education resource was created as part of the Linen Hall Library’s ‘Divided Society’ project. It is a learning tool aimed at GCSE students studying the 1990s period, however those studying politics and history subjects will also find its material relevant. Included in the resource are samples of political cartoons, newspaper front pages and political posters. Materials are held at the Linen Hall Library.